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Celebrating Rakshabandhan at SR Global School, BKT, Lucknow


Rakshabandhan, the beautiful festival that celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters, is a day filled with love, warmth, and traditions. At SR Global School in BKT, Lucknow, this auspicious day is not just an event but a heartwarming celebration that brings the entire school community together. Let's delve into the heart of this school's unique and memorable Rakshabandhan celebration.

The Essence of Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan, often referred to as Rakhi, is a festival rooted in the rich tapestry of Indian culture. It signifies the strong bond between brothers and sisters, where sisters tie a sacred thread (Rakhi) around their brothers' wrists, symbolizing their love and protection. In return, brothers pledge to safeguard their sisters and offer them gifts as a token of their love and commitment.

Rakshabandhan at SR Global School

1. Spirit of Togetherness:

SR Global School, known for its sense of unity and inclusivity, celebrates Rakshabandhan with great enthusiasm. The festivities foster a sense of togetherness among students, teachers, and staff members.

2. Cultural Extravaganza:

The day begins with a cultural extravaganza that showcases the diversity of Indian traditions. Students present traditional dances, songs, and skits that depict the essence of Rakshabandhan and its historical significance.

3. Craft and Artwork:

Students engage in creative activities such as making Rakhis and greeting cards. This not only hones their artistic skills but also instills a sense of personal involvement in the festival.

4. Rakhi Distribution:

The highlight of the day is when students tie Rakhis to their classmates, teachers, and school staff. This practice transcends the traditional brother-sister relationship, emphasizing the bonds of friendship and respect within the school community.

5. Sweets and Treats:

Rakshabandhan is incomplete without indulging in delicious sweets and treats. SR Global School ensures that everyone gets to savor traditional Indian sweets like ladoos and jalebis, enhancing the festive spirit.

6. Promise of Protection:

The essence of Rakshabandhan is not forgotten amidst the celebrations. Brothers, after receiving Rakhis, promise to protect and support their sisters, and sisters, in turn, pray for the well-being and success of their brothers.

7. Diverse Celebrations:

The school takes pride in its diverse student body. Students from different regions and cultures bring their own unique flavors to the celebration, making it a truly multicultural experience.


The celebration of Rakshabandhan at SR Global School in BKT, Lucknow, goes beyond mere rituals; it embodies the spirit of unity, respect, and togetherness. In this harmonious environment, the festival becomes a symbol of love and bonding that transcends the boundaries of caste, creed, and gender. It's a day that teaches students the value of relationships, the importance of traditions, and the beauty of celebrating diversity.

Rakshabandhan at SR Global School is not just an event; it's a heartfelt experience that leaves a lasting impression on everyone fortunate enough to be a part of this wonderful institution.

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