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Knowledge is fundamental right of every people.

Vice-Chairperson Message

The motto of our school, ‘Smart Education for Smart India’ strikes a strong chord with me as I believe that we are living in a rapidly transforming world and to keep up with this shift, we need to shape our education system in a way that allows children to embark upon new adventures in the world of innovative learning.
At SRGS, we pride ourselves on having a school that will allow students to explore, express, and excel academically and creatively. We are committed to ignite the spark of sports and athletics in every child and in partnership with our community, we have integrated the fine and performing arts to kindle enthusiasm and strengthen the understanding of surroundings.
With an outstanding team of instructors who are passionate about developing a thirst for learning in children, we believe that children will be better equipped for life beyond school and will soar high academically, socially, and emotionally.

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Mrs. Sushmita Singh
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