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Smt. Nirmala Singh Chauhan

Vice-Chairperson | SR Global School Lucknow


As I look beyond the horizon, I envision The S R GLOBAL SCHOOL as a second

home where education leads to educating the child. Our school has the vibrant

classroom where creativity, ethics, self analysis and goal setting are the aims for

every child. The school is preparing the learners to be good individuals and good

Samaritans. We strongly believe that under our guidance the students will have a

niche in their personality. The grooming of every child to compete with the fast

changing world has always been our prime concern.


To achieve our goal we require a positive approach from the parents because they

help us to recognize the inborn talents of their child, so that we together can

shoulder to push the wheel of success and glory for

every child of SR GLOBAL SCHOOL.

Parents are the major contributors in our Endeavour. We encourage parent’s

active participation, feedback, so that together we can create a wonder global child.

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